Awards and Presentations

ORDx+Rx Founding Partner and Perioperative Nursing Safety Consultant Sharon McNamara, RN, MSN, CNOR, recently spoke at the AORN Capital Chapter in Raleigh, NC. Her presentation, “Sharps Safety: Are We On the Cutting Edge?” encouraged participants to evaluate their facilities’ blood borne pathogen exposure plan and sharps safety program against best practices and regulatory requirements, taking into consideration industry partnerships, and identifying how each supports patient and practitioner safety. Ms. McNamara led the discussion, assisting participants in evaluating their own programs’ safety practices, asking them to analyze how many sharps injuries occur in their facilities each week, which items cause the most injuries and on which units, and how many sharps injuries have resulted in transmission of diseases? Ms. McNamara stressed that many health care practitioners and managers do not have this essential information, and discussed the dangers created by an information gap. She then explained the three major actors in sharps safety: patient, practitioner and industry.