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Frequently Asked Questions

Contrast OR Dx + Rx with other Perioperative Consulting Organizations2018-12-03T20:53:00+00:00
  1. Solutions for Surgical Safety’s mission is to improve the quality, safety, and patient experience of the perioperative process in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers and office-based surgeries utilizing cost-effective real-world solutions.
  2. Our vision is to reduce perioperative error and risk and to strengthen leadership and governance to improve accountability for care.
  3. Solutions for Surgical Safety is a team of physicians, nurses and quality experts including Past Presidents of the American College of Surgeons, the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses and the American Society of Anesthesiologists who have the experience, intellectual capital and quality improvement expertise to improve effectiveness, reduce negative outcomes and promote sustainable change. Our team also includes a former CMO of a major malpractice captive insurance company with vast experience in surgical claims related to perioperative errors and deficiencies.
Who are your advisor consultants?2018-12-03T20:54:31+00:00
  1. Our advisory team includes national leaders in professional organizations, patient safety and perioperative practices, all of whom have extensive  expertise and experience in pre-, intra- and post-operative surgical processes and evaluation.
  2. Every member of our team actively lectures, writes and consults in the areas of perioperative process, safety and optimization.
What types of healthcare organizations will benefit from your review?2018-12-04T04:15:32+00:00
  1. OR Dx+Rx: Solutions for Surgical Safety is a national healthcare consulting firm that offers perioperative safety consulting to hospitals, ambulatory office based and free-standing surgical facilities and their medical liability insurers.
  2. We have reviewed Perioperative Services in small rural hospitals, academic and complex multi hospital systems and ambulatory surgery centers with compelling results including, in many instances, substantial change at the participating facilities.
What issues or processes do you assist with?2018-12-04T04:19:00+00:00
  1. We reduce medical error and minimize risk related to preventable errors in patient care, as well as, institutional deficiencies in structure, function and outcomes.
  2. Our primary focus is optimization of quality and patient safety efforts. However, we will make note of observed waste and inefficiency verbally onsite, as well as, in our written final report, with recommendations for remediation.
Where are you located and where are you willing to consult?2018-12-03T20:59:01+00:00
  1. Our main office is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts
  2. We have consultants located in multiple states
  3. We are able to consult anywhere in the United States
How quickly can we schedule a review?2018-12-03T21:01:07+00:00
  1. We will respond to inquiries within 1-3 business days.
  2. Given the steps necessary for a successful site visit and in-depth report it typically takes 4-6 weeks after the initial contact to schedule a site visit
How much does an engagement cost?2018-12-05T14:14:21+00:00
  1. The cost is dependent on the size, complexity and specifics of the current situation in perioperative services and the scope of OR Dx + Rx’s review.
  2. Based on the nature of the review recommended in a joint conference call with organizational leaders and OR Dx + Rx advisors, and necessitated by the institution-specific deficiencies, a contract is formulated incorporating a customized team and individualized site visit plan.
What size & team configuration will review our Perioperative Services?2018-12-03T21:05:06+00:00
  1. The size and configuration of the team and number of days on site conform to the size and complexity of your organization and the focus of the visit.
What do we need to do to prepare for a visit?2018-12-04T04:26:14+00:00
  1. Engage in several telephone meetings with OR Dx + Rx to assess your needs.
  2. Forward the requested documents to OR Dx + Rx in a timely manner pre-visit.
  3. Provide 2-3 dates for which the key stakeholders are available for meetings and the site visit.
  4. Coordinate meeting space to house the OR Dx + Rx team, as well as, space for meetings and interviews with relevant institutional participants.
What are the planned steps during a site visit?2018-12-03T21:10:21+00:00
  1. Schedule the site visit for a 3-5-day period with availability of a designated mix of leadership and front-line executives, physicians, nurses, technicians and quality and risk advisors.
  2. Plan an introductory dinner the evening before the engagement is to begin to introduce our team and the perioperative stakeholders to one another.
  3. Create a schedule, with appropriate locations, for administrative, medical, nursing and staff interviews.
  4. Produce for review during the engagement additional (to those requested pre-visit) standards, data, medical records and quality and risk management documents.
  5. Coordinate opportunities for direct OR Dx + Rx team member observations of care processes, patient flow, facilities and equipment during surgical, obstetrical and endoscopic procedures.  If within the scope of the engagement, similar arrangements should be made for central processing and pre and post anesthesia areas.
  6. The OR Dx + Rx team schedule should accommodate time for the team to have discussions daily to integrate findings and recommendations and prepare for the next day and/or to prepare an exit verbal report.  A separate written report will be prepared post-visit.
How do you assure sustainable change?2018-12-03T21:12:50+00:00
  1. OR Dx + Rx delivers preliminary observations and recommendations in a verbal report at an exit conference at the conclusion of the site visit.
  2. OR Dx + Rx provides a comprehensive and evidence based written report with recommendations is delivered within approximately 60 days after the site visit (depending on the size and complexity of the institution and report).
  3. Every contract includes 3 follow-up telephone meetings scheduled over a 6-month period to coach and answer questions regarding the report and recommendations.
  4. These telephone meetings also provide participants and OR Dx + Rx team members the opportunities to make further suggestions as improvements evolve.
  5. Follow-up services can be contracted for separately   to provide mentoring, teambuilding, periodic on-site coordination or additional specified assistance.
  6. Similarly, assistance with implementation of OR Dx + Rx recommendations   can be arranged through an additional contract that provides for continuing engagement.
What outcomes have been accomplished as a result of your review?2018-12-03T21:14:37+00:00
  1. Reorganization of medical and other staff relevant to the provision of safe and effective perioperative services.
  2. Improved interdisciplinary teamwork and engagement.
  3. Improved patient and staff satisfaction.
  4. Improved compliance with quality, safety and regulatory requirements.