Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-12-20T17:39:35+00:00
What services does ORDx+Rx offer?2023-10-11T19:01:27+00:00

Our primary focus is optimization of perioperative processes and team functioning to improve perioperative quality and patient safety. However, we may also note observed waste and inefficiencies, and can assist in finding solutions to resolve efficiency issues and reduce costs. If your department needs restructuring or reorganization, we have the expertise to help. To learn more about our capabilities, please click here.

What types of healthcare organizations will benefit from ORDx+Rx review?2023-10-11T19:02:54+00:00

Our perioperative safety and quality consulting is beneficial for all types of healthcare or related organizations that offer perioperative care: hospitals (and their departments), ambulatory office-based and freestanding surgical facilities, and medical liability insurers. We have reviewed perioperative services in small rural hospitals, academic and complex hospital systems, and ambulatory surgery centers with compelling results, including substantial beneficial change at the participating facilities.

How does ORDx+Rx differ from other surgical consulting organizations?2023-10-11T19:03:45+00:00

Unlike any other perioperative consulting organization of which we are aware, every consultant at ORDx+Rx has extensive experience working in, running and setting the standards for operating rooms. We are the only perioperative consulting organization that has world-renowned experts from the four disciplines that must function together in an operating room: surgical, nursing, anesthesia and quality.

Who are the ORDx+Rx advisor consultants, and who will review our perioperative services?2023-10-11T19:05:14+00:00

Our advisory team includes international and national leaders in patient safety and perioperative processes. Every member of our team has extensive expertise in pre-, intra- and post-operative surgical processes and evaluation, and actively lectures, writes and consults in the areas of perioperative process, safety and optimization.

We do not have any consultants who have never practiced medicine or nursing: please visit our team page to see the caliber of the physician and nurse consultants who would be resolving issues and improving quality, safety and efficiency in your operating rooms.

The size and makeup of the team and the number of days we spend on site will differ depending on the size, configuration, needs and goals of your organization.

Where are you located and where will you consult?2023-10-11T19:05:38+00:00

Our main office is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and our consultants are based in multiple states. We are available to consult anywhere in the United States or Canada.

How quickly can we schedule a review?2019-10-07T20:54:36+00:00

We respond to inquiries within 1-3 business days. Given the steps necessary to conduct a successful site visit and produce an in-depth report, and depending on current consultations, most site visits are scheduled for 4-6 weeks after your initial contact with us.

How much does an engagement cost?2020-07-27T18:27:27+00:00

Cost is dependent on the size, complexity and specifics of your needs and the desired scope of the ORDx+Rx review.  Based on the nature of the review recommended in a joint conference call with organizational leaders and ORDx+Rx advisors, and necessitated by institution-specific deficiencies, a contract is formulated incorporating a customized team and individualized site visit plan.

How does a site visit work?2023-10-11T19:06:35+00:00

While each site visit will differ, typical visits include:

  • An introductory dinner the evening before the site visit begins to introduce our team to your perioperative stakeholders;
  • 3-5 days onsite, where your healthcare organization has a designated mix of leadership and front-line executives, physicians, nurses, technicians and quality/risk advisors available to meet with our team on a schedule we work together to create;
  • Review of standards, quality and risk management documents, data and medical records, which may be additional to those requested prior to the site visit;
  • If the contract is for departmental issues, different documents may be required and different observations made;
  • Direct ORDx+Rx team member observations of care processes, patient flow, facilities and equipment usage during surgical, obstetrical and endoscopic procedures, and if within the scope of the engagement, central processing and pre- and post-anesthesia areas; and
  • Time for the ORDx+Rx team to have daily discussions to integrate findings and recommendations, and prepare for the next day and/or the verbal exit report.
How does ORDx+Rx assure sustainable change?2020-07-27T18:31:24+00:00

We provide your organization with tools that promote sustainable, manageable and specific change both during our verbal exit report and in the comprehensive, evidence-based written report.  In addition, every contract includes three follow-up telephone meetings scheduled over a six month period, in which we answer questions and provide coaching to help you implement our recommendations.  These conversations also provide ORDx+Rx with the opportunity to make further suggestions as improvements evolve. 

Additional follow-up services or a continuing engagement can be contracted for separately, and can include mentoring, team-building, periodic on-site coordination or additional specified assistance.

What outcomes have been accomplished as a result of your review?2020-07-27T18:31:08+00:00

While we cannot share specifics because of our confidentiality guarantee, ORDx+Rx clients have achieved measurable results, and seen beneficial changes, including:

  • Reorganization of medical and other staff, improving the provision of safe and effective perioperative services
  • Improved interdisciplinary teamwork and engagement
  • Improved patient and staff satisfaction
  • Compliance with quality, safety and regulatory requirements
  • Decreases in risk related events that lead to malpractice claims

Former clients have said:

“The ORDx+Rx interdisciplinary expertise to the perioperative process has certainly lead to improved quality and patient safety [at our healthcare organization].”

“Rarely have we had the opportunity to work with a group of ORDx’s caliber and reputation – [you] not only brought unmatched professional experience and hands-on surgical, anesthesia, nursing and quality expertise, but also a creative and comprehensive yet practical approach to changing both our perioperative safety procedures and our hospital’s team culture. In addition, your team was courteous and collaborative every step of the way. We have seen amazing results in just a few months.”

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