Perioperative Safety

A 2019 investigation has confirmed what our ORDx+Rx experts know: open and effective communication is an essential component of better patient care and outcomes.  In “A Culture of Openness is Associated with Lower Mortality Rates Among 137 English National Health Service Acute Trusts,” authors explain that understanding safety culture remains critical to improvement efforts, and discusses the cross-sectional study, which examined whether openness was associated with in-hospital mortality. Not surprisingly, hospitals where staff felt comfortable about speaking up regarding safety concerns, disclosing safety issues and felt that they were secure in reporting such safety issues, mortality rates were lower. “This relationship suggests that openness constitutes an important aspect of a positive safety culture,” the report concludes.

Getting your surgical teams to work together and fostering a climate of openness can change outcomes for your hospital and its patients. ORDx+Rx has experts in fostering teamwork, communication and the kind of culture your operating rooms need to function effectively, efficiently and safely.  Contact us today about how your teams can work with us to make your operating rooms safer.