Perioperative Safety

OR Today’s August 2020 cover story, Reducing Medical Errors, features advice and analysis from ORDx+Rx’s Drs. Bill Greene and Alexander Hannenberg.  Dr. Hannenberg discusses what he believes is the main cause of medical errors: poor communication. “The Joint Commission has estimated that between 70 percent and 80 percent of adverse events are related to communication failures,” said Hannenberg in the piece. “In addition, more than a third of malpractice actions identify this as an underlying cause of the event.” Dr. Greene emphasized the importance of standardizing work using standardized policies, forms and reinforcement to minimize confusion and improve communication. “Two areas of standardization are especially important,” said Greene.“Pre-operative risk assessment and medical optimization (or pre-habilitation), and perioperative or surgical safety checklists.” To hear more from Drs. Greene and Hannenberg, and to access the full article, please click here.

Drs. Greene and Hannenberg and each member of ORDx+Rx’s specialized team is available to discuss communication, safety practices and other concerns. Contact us today.

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