Awards and Presentations

ORDx+Rx’s Sharon McNamara is featured as a panelist for ORSAFE.ORG and QLICKSMART.COM’s October 2020 round table discussion and webinar. The webinar,  “Changing Cultural Patterns and Overcoming Resistance to Change,” is described by OR Safe as a “round table discussion that will appear on October’s ORSAFE.ORG website. A fascinating discussion of resistance to change in a hospital [regarding] staff safety and overcoming that resistance. Speakers are listed in the Hot Topics Section of ORSAFE and include Dr. Amber Mitchell, International Safety Center, and Sharon McNamara, past President of the AORN, along with four others of equal stature in staff safety. This is a must-see if safety is a priority for you and your staff.” Visit this link to learn more, and to view videos of panel presentations.