While each site visit will differ, typical visits include:

  • An introductory dinner the evening before the site visit begins to introduce our team to your perioperative stakeholders;
  • 3-5 days onsite, where your healthcare organization has a designated mix of leadership and front-line executives, physicians, nurses, technicians and quality/risk advisors available to meet with our team on a schedule we work together to create;
  • Review of standards, quality and risk management documents, data and medical records, which may be additional to those requested prior to the site visit;
  • If the contract is for departmental issues, different documents may be required and different observations made;
  • Direct ORDx+Rx team member observations of care processes, patient flow, facilities and equipment usage during surgical, obstetrical and endoscopic procedures, and if within the scope of the engagement, central processing and pre- and post-anesthesia areas; and
  • Time for the ORDx+Rx team to have daily discussions to integrate findings and recommendations, and prepare for the next day and/or the verbal exit report.