Charlotte Gugliemi

Charlotte Guglielmi

Charlotte Guglielmi


OR Dx + Rx founding partner Charlotte Guglielmi MA, BSN, RN, CNOR, FAORN, is a Perioperative Nursing Consultant with OR Dx + Rx, where she works with clients to reduce medical errors, minimize risk related to patient care errors and advises on effective perioperative team function. Ms. Guglielmi has always been a champion for patient safety, with a particular focus on high performance teamwork and its beneficial results for patient care. With a diverse and extensive career that has included practicing as a clinician, manager, educator and administrator, Ms. Guglielmi is well-positioned to understand the needs and challenges that OR Dx + Rx’s clients face.

As Clinical Manager of Perioperative Education at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Ms. Guglielmi manages the OR Education Team, providing clinical leadership to support staff development. She oversees her division’s practice, safety and quality initiatives, policy and procedure development, and curriculum design, and is responsible for the curriculum design for the BIDMC Perioperative Nurse Entry Program.

Ms. Guglielmi is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant on perioperative safety, and has presented to more than 125 international, national and local organizations. Her prolific publication history includes numerous articles and book chapters, and she served as the AORN Journal Table Talk column coordinator from 2011-2016. This column inspired numerous healthcare teams’ dialogues on issues that impacted clinical practice and patient outcomes.

In 2010 she served as AORN’s President, and her service to that organization spans several decades; Ms. Guglielmi also served as AORN Foundation President from 2014-2016 and has been the AORN liaison to numerous professional societies. Ms. Guglielmi has received AORN’s Award for Excellence in Perioperative Practice (2019), the President’s Award (2015) and the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Perioperative Clinical Practice (2001).

She believes that these awards serve as reminders that simple moments of safely caring for patients define perioperative excellence.