In A Culture of Respect, Part 1: The Nature and Causes of Disrespectful Behavior by Physicians, ORDx+Rx’s Dr. Gerald Healy and his co-authors discuss the problem of inappropriate behavior during the performance of procedures, which is a serious impediment to safe practice and thus leads to unintended harm to patients. Dr. Healy notes that “Collaboration and the establishment of a culture of civility among the operative team leads to an efficient and cohesive approach to patient care.”

A substantial barrier to progress in patient safety is a dysfunctional culture rooted in widespread disrespect. The authors identify a broad range of disrespectful conduct, suggesting six categories for classifying disrespectful behavior in the health care setting: disruptive behavior; humiliating, demeaning treatment of nurses, residents, and students; passive-aggressive behavior; passive disrespect; dismissive treatment of patients; and systemic disrespect.

An OR team that works together with mutual respect is essential for patient safety.  To discuss how we can help your surgical teams work together, get in touch with us today.

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